buttersidedown - Showgirl Volume 10 - Candida Royalle 039 s Fantasies

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ISharePorn January 31, 2011, 2:02 am" I wish they would remastered all the most famous retro classic movies" ...wish all you like, unfortunately this is as close as it gets.

Remastering the classics poses several problems! First off which are truely classics and whom would determine this. Most of those promotions, creations and distributions were done by a low budget companies that actually produced them, so which films would they consider 'classic' and furthermore worthwhile ($$$) to remaster is just to complex and too costly. CC, SwedishE and Diamond have created a few however if you've seen those you might see the complexity of doing the rest of the classics. Which films are in thr realm of re-production companies and to whom would they actually tailor them to. There is a plethora now of known fetishes so to whom becomes a question of financial returns for the remastering process. These xhampster posters are sharing what they can hence remastering the originals in the process just so you can at least see them at all. Most often they are non-professional reproductions and sometimes overly reproduced (i.e. overdubbing or just switching media's standard format into widescreen which I never quite understood anyhow because it destroys the film's integrity and looks stupid). Also in its hay day subtitling was reserved to just 'silent' movies.
I wish they would remastered all the most famous retro classic movies
great stuff
Vintage classic.
Always loved her long brunette hair. And she demonstrated her directing talent along with her acting abillity with her mature career.
Fab vintage.We need more of this.
good old fashioned porn like it`s meant to be FANTASTIC

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