CSS Long Hot Day...Stinky Feet Time


The camera guy needs to do less talking and more stroking with those pretty stinky feet there in front of him. I love how open they are about their stinky feet. Thanks for posting.
I am shocked at their age they admit to having stinky feet. It's usually the really young young girls who admit to it with no problem and even brag about it. Also, he said beautiful girls with stinky feet, but I don't care if she is ugly or not, if she has beautiful feet that's all that matters. If a beautiful girl has ugly feet, then I don't want her. If a pretty girl has pretty feet but they don't stink, I don't want her. They have to be really stinky, the stinkier the better=P
I love GIRLS stinky feet. You have to make sure you say GIRLS. I aint into no nasty gross ass ugly rotten dead body smelling male feet.
waooo this girl is pretty i really love her pink soles have to smell great to jerk off..
100% with you
These people have to learn we don't want to hear a male voice in these videos. Why don't they know that? It's should be between the model and the viewer.
i'd like sniff smelly and stinky feet,lick dirty and sweaty soles and suck cheesy and clotted toes all above between them in the spaces!
Sexy feet.
Hearing this guy talking gives me the creeps in all his videos lol :) But nice stuff.
nice feet. thanks )
hoot soles
I love her feet. I love stinky feet too. I would love to lick her soles up and down. take her toes in my mouth and suck each one then take all her toes in my mouth and suck on them while I jack my cock off...MMMMMM....5/5.. More videos like this please.

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